Abissus Voide is an Australian artist.
Focusing on glitch, generative, new media and digital art through the use of software and technology. Voide employs flaw as a foundation for the creative process.
He explores the beauty of error through chance and seeks the union of the synthetic and organic.
“My mother first placed a pencil in my hand the moment I was able to hold it. I have fond memories of games we played, such as looking for all the colours I could identify in an object. These were much more than entertaining games and have now become invaluable lessons.”
Immersing himself in various forms of art and culture, Abissus draws from a variety of past experiences.
He began designing small distribution comic books, fanzines and flyer art.
After a brief time at Disney he began a fashion label with his wife “Grimm Noir.”
There he designed artwork for jewellery, clothing and painted leather jackets.
The artist also spent some time at Dirty Shirlows, where he painted various murals in the venue.
He has since exhibited at “Under The Blue Moon Festival”, “Retro Specs” at M2 Gallery, “Zero A.D.” at The Tate Gallery (Sydney).
In 2016, he began to make experimental electronic music as “Vaeprism.”
This coincided with an interest in glitch art as a complimentary aesthetic.
Later evolving into a separate art practice. Abissus continues to expand on this process and its applications.

Ǝ̵͘M̧̀Δ̴i̴L̷: vaeprism @ gmail . com
ΔBįSƧȔS ṼØȊÐƎ [LinkedIn]: linkedin.com/in/abissus-voide