The Library Of Lost Souls

The Library Of Lost Souls was an exhibition performed and created by Shelley Tansley and Naomi Wild for The Crack X Festival as part of This Is Not Art.

This interactive piece was conducted on the 28th/29th September, an endurance of  two four hour shifts at Newcastle’s Watt Space Gallery.
The audience was invited to participate in this immersive experience as the ‘seeker.’
They were guided by The Keeper [Shelley Tansley] to seek the wisdom of The Silent One [Naomi Wild].

For this exhibition I was asked to provide sound design and visuals to compliment the atmosphere created for this event (shown below):

Library Of Lost Souls:

Shelley Tansley:

Naomi Wild:


Watt Space Gallery:

This Is Not Art:



ElectroFringe 18 Workshop

On the 15th of September I was invited to conduct a workshop on Glitch Art at 107 projects for ElectroFringe 18.

The workshop served as an introduction to various databending and sonification techniques and some live visualization.
I gove some examples of using a Hex editor to databend files, sonification techniques in Renoise and Audacity, Datamoshing in Avidemux and various other software. I also included a brief look at processing (particularly for live application), FFMpeg and using other software such as AcidCam for live visuals.

I also provided an online resource for the audience to view after the workshop.
This included various links to free software used to create glitch art and tools to accompany the process.
These resources and links can be found here:

ElectroFringe 18 Workshop - Vaeprism [Abissus Voide]
ElectroFringe 18 Workshop - Vaeprism [Abissus Voide]

Ffmpeg displacement map experiments

I have begun to experiment with Ffmpeg.
This example details displacement map experiments using commands from Tomasz Sulej via a Glitch Artists Collective thread on facebook.
For the experiment, I used a video screenshot of a song playing in Renoise and phone footage of the wake of a boat on the ocean.

ffmpeg.exe -i Fény\ 7.mp4 -i Fény\ 7.mp4 -i Fény\ 7.mp4 -c:v hevc -crf 40 -b:v 20k -filter_complex “[0][1][2]displace=edge=wrap[middle];[middle]stereo3d=ar” -y res.mp4

Where Fény\ 7.mp4 is the input file and res.mp4 the output. Edit the above to suit.           To view more details and other commands shared,
visit the thread here:

Music: ΔΩŨэ∅⊻∰ by Vaeprism


Databending in Audacity tutorial

I have decided to develop tutorials for the purpose of sharing that which I have learned. This particular tutorial is on databending in Audacity using images.
In the example below, I used a bitmap image to manipulate.
The process involves using plugins to affect the file and I have included links to below to additional plugins.

Download Audacity:
Installing additional plugins:

Note this glitch art tutorial is on windows. The same databending process can be achieved on other platforms.

Background music is by Vaeprism.

Sonification experiments

I used a Renoise file (xrns) and sonified it in Audacity.
The result produced various sounds and images.
The images were databent/edited in a hex editor and compiled to make a short clip.
The clip then was then datamoshed in Avidemux and further mutated with
64 69 73 72 75 70 74 69 6f 6e [].
Images of the previous video were also fed into Audio paint to produce further sonification.
All results of images/video and sound were complied finally in a video editor to produce the following clip…


Ruby My Dear – Brame promo

I had the opportunity to work with Stephen Lawler [Dislasystem] on a video he directed for Ruby My Dear. This was a promo for the album ‘Brame.’
I was responsible for creating glitch art/datamoshing as source material for editing.
Under Stephen’s direction, I also supplied some props including a guitar I painted.
He also created props/masks for filming, horns created by Shelley Tansley.
Upon establishing a location, we began shooting.
Stephen directed and filmed, lead actor was DollRot and I was a support role.
I was later supplied footage of the shoot to databend.
The promo was released in October 2017.

acoustic guitar painting by abissus voide

acoustic guitar painting by abissus voide

Some production images can also be found under ‘Visual Art.’